Just Because You're In Your Golden Years Doesn't Mean You Can't Live Independently

So you've hit your "golden years", your family is busy raising their family, you're not working full time anymore and you're just not sure what your next step in life should be. Have you ever asked yourself: What is a Continuing Care Retirement Community? It is not a nursing home. You are not given a little room with a hospital bed, a meal table, plastic drapes and a lumpy mattress. There's not a certain time that you must eat or that you must take care of bathing or showering. A continuing care retirement community gives you a home or apartment all within the confines of a community. There won't be teenagers with a loud bass living next to you keeping you up all night or a baby crying in the next room interfering with your dinner. You have you own place. You can cook your own meals or you can join others in the dining room. There are activities and social outings to keep you active and enjoying those "golden years" instead of watching TV by yourself with no one to socialize with.

Loomis Lakeside senior independent living offers beautiful homes or apartments. There are activities such as book clubs, yoga and bus trips to mention a few. There are local attractions like museums, fairgrounds or you could even take a class at a college. If you're not sure what to do for the day, there's a channel that lists all of the activities available to participate in. If you want to participate you can, and if you'd rather just relax, you can. No one is forcing you to the activity room to participate.

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If you would become sick or need any type of rehabilitation. You never have to leave the community. You don't have to shuffle moving around in your golden years from one place to another. Loomis Lakeside also offers its residents assisted living, skilled nursing care and rehabilitation. You won't even have to clean your house or apartment. One of the services offered is housekeeping services. You don't have to worrying about vacuuming, dusting or scrubbing again. If you need to go to your doctor, they can give you a ride to your doctor's appointment as well. You don't have to arrange a ride from someone around their schedule. You can schedule and they will take you.


If you're in your "golden years" and thinking that you're alone and not sure what to do. An independent living facility will offer other people that may have felt that same way before they arrived. Learn more about Alzheimer's care as a part of retirement communities by clicking the link.

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